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English menu



Smoked anchovy from Cantabric sea with bread with tomato

Fried fish ( fresh white anchovy )

Moules to marinière sauce or steaming

Squid rings fried with egg

Squid rings fried to andalusian style

Small green peppers

Patatas bravas " Fried potatoes with spicy sauce "

Chicken croquettes

Iberic cured ham croquettes

Fish and seafood croquettes

Prawns cooked in garlic

Mini prawns skewers

Mini chicken skewers

Crispy brie cheese

Delight of camembert cheese with raspberry jam

Bread with tomato


Grilled seasonal vegetables

Fried eggs with iberic cured ham and chips

Mixt fried from the sea ( fish and seafood croquettes ,squid rings to andalusian

style and white anchovy to andalusian style)

Cod omelette

Iberic cured ham and bread with tomato

Melon with iberic cured ham

Gazpacho andalusian ( seasonal )


SEASONAL: lettuce , tomato ,onion , tuna , sweetcorn ,hard egg , carrot

and black olives

SALMON : lettuce , green asparagus , salmon and hard egg

CAPRESSE : tomato , mozzarella cheese , avocado ,

pinenuts and pesto oil

GOAT CHEESE : rocket lettuce , goat cheese , raisins ,pinenuts and modena oil


Paella " Sea and Mountains "

Paella Marinière

Paella of meat

Paella of vegetables

Fideuá ( Noodles with seafood )

Risotto of ceps and asparagus

Risotto of seafood

Risotto of cheeses


Mixt of fish and seafood

Prawns grilled

Salmon grilled

Cuttlefish grilled

Codfish to "muselina" style or "llauna" style

Sole grilled or "meuniere " style

Hake fish grilled or to "romana" style

Tuna grilled


American hamburger

Ox carpaccio with parmesan cheese

Veal entrecot steak grilled or to peppercorn sauce or to roquefort cheese sauce

Sirloin Ox steak grilled or to peppercorn sauce or to roquefort cheese sauce

Chicken breast grilled or to peppercorn sauce or to roquefort chesse sauce


Macaroni or spaghetti (sauces : bolognese ,napolitan ,carbonara, pesto or

roquefort cheese )

Meat lasagna

Margarita Pizza : tomato sauce , mozzarella and oregano

Clasic Pizza : tomato sauce , mozzarella , ham , oregano and mushrooms

4 Cheeses Pizza : tomato sauce , mozzarella , emmental ,roquefort , brie and


Vegetable Pizza : tomato sauce , mozzarella , mushrooms ,sweetcorn, asparagus ,

pepper and onion

Napolitana Pizza : tomato sauce , mozzarella , smoked anchovy , black olives and



Profiteroles with chocolate


Brownie of chocolate and nuts with a scoop of ice cream

Catalan cream

Cheesecake with red fruit syrup

Coulant of chocolate

Seasonal natural fruit

Scoops Ice Cream: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or nougat

Fresh orange juice

Irish Coffee

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English menu: Nuestra carta de CNC Restaurante
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